Students should not perpetuate stereotypes

It all started when I was sitting on the train and heard, Communications is not an art. What? I thought to myself.  They’ve got to be joking. This is just one of the many stereotypes of different art majors.

Stereotyping different art majors is very wrong because this would be cheating one’s individuality, make them feel insecure, and because people can create stereotypes from the past and this would not allow a person’s light to shine.

According to, stereotypes are the idea that everyone within a certain group shares the same characteristics. So, someone might think that dance majors are judgmental, or theater majors are over dramatic, or that communications is not an art, and so on.

People should not stereotype others because they would be cheating people’s individuality because they are judging by a group rather than by who they actually are. This can make some people feel like an outsider, lonely, or insecure.

Feeling insecure on a day-to-day basis can take a toll on somebody’s physical and mental health.

Also, I have noticed that many stereotypes are created from the past. Many people say this is not true, however, think of this. There is a very recurrent stereotype that says that “if you swim at the beach you might get bitten by a shark.”

People are just fearful of the few stories that they have heard from the past, that they refuse to go in the water.

Many people have heard stories of others who have gotten bitten by a shark, because this happened in the past, they are afraid it will happen again.

So, the next time anyone meets others that may fit into a specific “group,” encourage them to really get to know the other person before they judge them.