Bak contributes to students’ growth

Bak MSOA has changed many students in these past few years. Specifically, as a staff, we have learned and adapted from last year’s newspaper to this year’s.

Bak has made us more independent and mature. For instance, we had to adapt to new COVID-19 protocols and were still able to publish five successful issues.

Attending an art school has made us more creative, accepting, and unique. Bak is different from other schools in that we had more exposure to a variety of many talented students and tried new skills we might have otherwise shied away from.

Last year, the staff was mainly virtual, with only a couple staff members in- person. Therefore, we had to restart when we came back to school. To exemplify, our staff came back to school with a returning newspaper advisor, an editing program that our staff had not used previously, getting back into print, and reviving the paper’s website,

Students who were virtual the prior year had some changes as well. Back in-person, there were more social interactions, renewed methods of learning that made adjusting to school difficult.

Bak has given us the opportunity to meet new and different people from all art areas with varying interests and skills. This has helped to make us more socially versatile and accepting.

The students and staff are both affected by the environment at Bak. We have all grown incredibly over the past couple years and find it hard to believe that this year is already almost complete.

An idea to keep in mind while the year ends and we all move forward to another grade is to go after what you want but make sure that you are still enjoying the time here. Each year is an opportunity to grow, and Bak has given us what we needed to bloom.