Peer to peer email communication has benefits


An auto reply email notifies Ashwin Kishor, eighth grade communications major, that his email to his student interview contact is blocked. Photo by Lillian Howells

Communication is essential to the success of any group project. Students have the ability to email their teachers through their school district account for individual assignments. However, students do not have the ability to email each other for group homework. If students had this privilege, they would be able to submit higher quality group projects, and communicate safely with their peers.
Students who work on group projects need to be able to communicate with their peers outside of school hours. Whether it is about a design change, or just asking for assistance, communication is a critical part of working out the kinks in a group project and making it exemplary. If students are not able to communicate, that can degrade the quality of their group project, and they might not be able to complete the project on time. Emailing through their school district account is a rapid way for students to communicate.
Opponents might argue that students could communicate through exchanging their phone numbers. However, students might not feel comfortable handing out their phone number to students they do not know well. Also, a student might not have a phone number, and emailing might be the only way they can communicate. Emailing through a student’s school district account provides a way for students to communicate without sharing their personal information.
Issues might arise if students were given the ability to communicate through emails.   For example, students might use the email platform to bully. To combat this, student emails could be scanned for curse words and other insults. If these words were detected, the email could be blocked and reported.
Allowing students to email each other would give students a safe and efficient way to contact each other on school related projects and matters. Students should be given the opportunity, and responsibility, to email each other, as the benefits far outweigh the downsides, and the downsides can be prevented.