Mother’s Day appreciates moms nationwide


Derrick Martin

A digital card created by Derrick Martin for his mother. “I create a card for my mom that shows certain memories from throughout the year,” Martin said.

On May 8, Mother’s Day was recognized by many to commemorate what their mothers had done for them.
“Mother’s Day is important to me because you are able to celebrate mothers all around the world, and it is important to celebrate how much they go through just to give us food, shelter, and love,” Jessenia Vazquez, seventh grade dance major said.
Mother’s Day was a widely celebrated holiday, but its history was rooted in love and respect.
According to, following her mother’s death in 1905, Anna Jarvis conceived of Mother’s Day as a way of honoring the sacrifices mothers made for their children.
Many people had traditions as a way of celebrating and showing compassion, such as going out to dinner or making cards.
“I make my mom breakfast in bed. My sister and I get up extra early, and we usually make waffles for her She is extremely happy about it, and she loves it,” Sara Lipnitzky, seventh grade communications major said.
Others spend quality time with their mothers on the holiday.
“Usually, we go out to eat, which is somewhere of my mom’s choosing. Or, we just sit down and watch TV all day. The entire day is just whatever she wants to do,” Derrick Martin, eighth grade communications major said.
Some thought that mothers did not get as much recognition as they should have received, and therefore Mother’s Day valued just that.
“Mothers are sometimes greatly underappreciated because of all the work they do for us. They are the people who see us first and [will] always be by our side. I think it is important to celebrate them and all the good things that they do for us,” Martin said.
To the mother of Lipnitzky, Martine Lipnitzky, she had thought Mother’s Day was just a way to make a money and that it has lost it’s true purpose.
“Why can’t every day be Mother’s Day?” Martine Lipnitzky said.
Mother’s Day brought awareness and recognition to special caretakers in people’s lives.
Lipnitzky said, “I think mothers are the most wonderful things on earth. They are so caring and help to guide us through our lives. I know that my mother, although at times I thought she was driving me insane, she taught me a lot, and I love her very much.”