Teachers say final goodbye to Bak


Naina Jeedigunta

Science teacher Jean Hogan comes to an end with a classroom lab. “The kids are hardworking and appreciate the work that the teachers do,” Hogan said.

The 2021-2022 school year was the last for many teachers at Bak. The retiring staff included Debra Fiore, Sharon Campbell, Constance Drosakis, Martha Satinoff, Joanne Friedel, and Jean Hogan.

“[I decided to retire] about a month ago. I want to spend more time with my mom who is getting older every day. This is my 42nd year teaching- it’s time, right?” Jean Hogan, science teacher, said.

These retiring educators had been teaching for many years and the decision to retire was not easy.

“I will miss my students, my colleagues, putting together performances, and seeing all the art areas and the academic achievements of our students,” Martha Satinoff, dance teacher, said.

Not only were the teachers affected in this process, but the students felt that their teachers had taught them valuable lessons. Juliet Rojas, student of Sharon Campbell, had learned a lot from her teacher.

“Mrs. Campbell has taught me the importance of listening to others and not procrastinating,” Juliet Rojas, eighth grade theater major said.

Teachers felt teaching at this school was a special experience, after all, Bak was not an average middle school.

“I hope the students and staff at Bak understand just how wonderful it is to learn and work here. I have been at four different schools over the past 10 years and this is by far the best environment,” Hogan said.

Although this was the end of these teachers’ school career, the importance of learning would not leave them.

“The best part of being a teacher is that I am always learning. I learn new thing from my students and colleagues all the time. Even in retirement, I want to always be a learner,” Sharon Campbell, social studies teacher said.

Overall, these staff members had looked forward to their retirement time.

Joanne Friedel, athletic director, said, “I am going to live out my days at the beach, with no obligations and vacation 24-7.”