Teachers help students prepare for FSA testing


Cassie Glomann

In her math class, Violet Nixon prepares for the statewide testing. “I’ve been preparing for the math FSA this whole week. I have been taking little assessments on each benchmark that we’ve done,” Nixon said.

With many Florida Standardized Assessments (FSA) right around the corner, teachers readied their students.

“To prepare for the FSA, I have been doing a ‘bootcamp’ style of reviewing. It is an intensive eight-week review where the questions can be on any topic since the beginning of the school year. I have also focused more on test-taking strategies and time management skills during testing,” Tiffany McIntosh, math teacher said.

Teachers had been helping students prepare for the FSA since the beginning of the school year.

“I have been preparing my students for the FSA since school started, however, the fourth nine weeks is when I intensified the focus on skills my students were weak on,” McIntosh said.

Some students found different learning tools and strategies that helped them to comprehend the material reviewed in class.

“My favorite studying techniques are taking notes and doing IXLs because I think it’s helpful to do those things,” Veda Kallam, seventh grade communications major said.

Teachers still found ways to incorporate interesting activities to keep them engaged and focused.

“I found collaboration and literary analysis to be most effective for my students,” Alexandria Orlowsky, language arts teacher said.

Taking the FSA may put pressure on some students, but for others, it was an opportunity to reflect on how much they had learned since the beginning of the school year.

“The FSA is stressful, but I think it does show what we’ve learned and how well we have paid attention throughout the year,” Violet Nixon, seventh grade theater major said.

Teachers continued to encourage students to keep a positive mindset while preparing for the FSA.

“As we enter the testing season, students should know that they have been preparing for this the entire year,” McIntosh said. “We are confident that our students will make us proud.”