Students participate in bullfrog dissection


Maja Milovanovic

As Legend Vasquez dissects the frog, he screams in disgust when seeing the frog’s intestines. “While I was doing the dissection, I was extremely grossed out, but it was still interesting to learn about,” Vasquez said.

Many seventh grade students in their life science class took part in the dissection of a bullfrog.

“I like to learn about the way animals function, and this gives me the perfect opportunity to do that,” Lyra Radashkevich, seventh grade communications major said.

The dissections gave some students a better understanding of the topic that they had been learning about in class.

“This activity makes it easier to understand because you actually get to participate in your lessons,” Jasmine Marchi, seventh grade strings major said.

Although dissections had many learning benefits, there were still some negative aspects.

“Something I don’t enjoy about it is that at times, it can get really messy,” Marchi said.

For the students that had opted out of the dissection, there was an alternative option for them.

“Student’s that did not want to participate will have an online lab. It has the same visuals and topic, but it will be done virtually,” Brittany Gardiner, science teacher said.

The bullfrog dissection allowed many students to expand their knowledge on different body systems and functions.

Radashkevich said, “It’s a great chance for students to get involved in their learning because it keeps them interested but still teaches them valuable information.”