Eighth grade students move on to high school


Lila Goldin

Spending time with her friends, Finleigh Townsend makes the most of the time she has left with them for this school year. “I’m going to miss all of my friends that I have made at Bak, and I will miss performing with all of them,” Townsend, eighth grade dance major, said.

As the end of the year approaches, eighth grade students prepared for their transition to high school.

The high school acceptance process started earlier in the year, with some students starting to prepare as early as summer.

“Before applications, I did research on the best high schools in the surrounding area. Once I found a few high schools that I thought I would like to attend, I applied to them and hoped for the best,” Rohan Gandhi, eighth grade communications major said.

Students showing signs of stress about the transition to high school was common.

“It’s normal to struggle with new things. Going into a new environment like high school where there are so many unknowns can be scary,” Kelly Clohessy, guidance counselor said.

Even with worries for what awaits them in the next year, eighth grade students still find reasons to be excited for high school.

“I’m not as nervous as I thought I would be,” Sydney Axler, eighth grade theater major said. “It’s a new chapter that we are starting, and I can’t wait.”