Boys’ volleyball begins season with win


Gabby Cohen

Spiking the ball, Gavin Chandler jumps to win the point. “We are a new team, and since most of our players are inexperienced, we are forming a bond that many teams have had for the past few years. It encourages us to work harder during practice,” Chandler said.

The boys’ volleyball team began their season on April 27, and practiced four times a week to improve before games began.

“Volleyball is a new sport that I’m playing, and I’m happy to try something new. I want to see if it is something I truly enjoy doing, and will be taking further down my path,” Andrew Hopta, eighth grade outside hitter said.

Some players on the team had created bonds, and many believed that it had impacted the performance of the team altogether.

“My favorite aspect of the team is our friendships. We bond over the sport well,” Gavin Chandler, eighth grade right side hitter said.

The volleyball team had rapidly enhanced their skills on the court with each practice, and believed they would achieve their original goals made at the beginning of the season.

“My original expectations were that we would be a talented team, and after attending practices and working hard, I still strongly believe that we will be very successful,” Shalin Patel, seventh grade back setter said.

Most players on the volleyball team were new to the sport, and they showed passion and determination to constantly improve.

“Improving as an individual at the game, by attending practice everyday to get better, and working hard to get better at volleyball,” Hopta said.

The team believed they were training with strength and intergrity, and it had overall improved their skill.

“We have been practicing with diligence and strength, it positvely impacts the team,” Patel said.

Most players on the team felt that participating in school sports was a way to stay active. They enhanced their flexibility in the overall range of sports, which benefited their athleticism.

Chandler said, “I always like to stay active and participate in school activities, so the volleyball team sounded fun.”