Music majors end year off with final performances

Music majors including vocal, piano, strings, and band hosted a plethora of concerts and recitals during the end of April.
“I am happy that it is happening, and we get to celebrate a year of hard work and show it to the audience,” Dr. Estibaliz Gastesi, piano teacher said.
These performances were the last concerts for the eighth graders who were heading to high school. It sparked emotions for students and teachers alike.
“I am always so delighted to see them on stage as an eighth grader, knowing how much they have grown and learned while in the band program at Bak,” Jamie Groves, band teacher said.
During the piano concert on April 20, a send off for the eighth graders took place after the sixth and seventh graders performed.
“They have been working so hard for the last three years and now they have the technique and the ability to approach more difficult pieces,” Gastesi said.
The music department recognized the impact that these eighth graders had on them and others.
“They are going to be missed, but will have left behind a strong legacy for the younger students to be inspired by.” Groves said.
Many music majors believed that their teachers played a huge role in preparing them for their concerts.
“Ms. Groves has made every class a fun experience for all of the kids to enjoy making music,” Trisha Babji Rao, seventh grade band major said.
Even though these concerts were a priority, students and teachers both believed that they managed to learn everything in a short amount of time.
“We used 13 class periods per band to prepare, which is a very short turnaround,” Groves said.
Several methods were used in order to hone students’ abilities for these concerts.
Babji Rao said, “I work on practicing points in my music that I am not really strong at to understand how I can improve my playing skills and what I need to do better in practicing.”