Track, field team sprints into new season


Gabby Cohen

The track and field team members run around the track to prepare for upcoming competitions. “The constant running is a big challenge because it can become difficult to keep running after a while,” Carl J. Gibbons II, eighth grade shot put event said.

Track and field team members stretched their legs and stood in their starting positions, anxiously watching their coach. When her whistle sounded, the students sprinted as fast as they could.

“I thought it would be a fun experience to run with a group of people as a team and be able to develop better techniques,” Elizabeth Sober, seventh grade mile event said.

One of the coaches of the team was Christine Gilbert, a former track and field team member and high school track coach.

“Every practice she motivates us and trains us to make us as good as we can be. I’m really glad she’s my coach,” Mackenzie Charles, seventh grade 100 meter relay event said.

As their first competition approached, the team members prepared their skills.

“Every practice, we get onto the track and stretch, then we do figure eights around the soccer field. Then, we will get into the actual practice: running and practicing the different events,” Carl J. Gibbons II, eighth grade shotput event said.

The track and field members had goals for the upcoming season

“This season, I really want to get faster and improve my skills. I also want to go to the national competitions,” Charles said.

The coaches had various tactics to train the members to be the best runners they can be.

“Everything works off of strength. The main focus is to get stronger to be able to run faster or longer,” Gilbert said.

Some members of the track and field team felt differently about the upcoming competitions.

“I feel like we could be more prepared, but if we condition enough, we should be able to win some, if not all, of our competitions,” Gibbons said.

The track and field team began preparing for a promising season, and were hopeful for a successful outcome.

Sober said, “I think our team will get better and learn to work together more. We’ll be able to work more as a unit and be home which will be useful.”