Delicious summer food brightens our break


Naina Jeedigunta

Vanilla Blue Sky acai bowl from Jamba Juice

As the long, hot summer days approached, refreshing treats from different restaurants was just what we needed.

The first thing we tried was the Summer Breeze Acai bowl from Bahia Bowls. We loved the presentation of the bowl with all of the colors from the different fruits. The pineapples, strawberries, and bananas blended well with the frozen smoothie and granola on the bottom. We gave this bowl a 5/5.

The other acai bowl we tried was the Vanilla Blue Sky Acai Bowl from Jamba Juice. This acai bowl was a bright blue which gave the treat a summer feel. The taste of vanilla and pineapple paired perfectly. The assortment of fruits and coconut shavings on the top made the bowl more colorful. However, the actual smoothie part of the bowl was too liquidy. We rated this bowl a 4/5.

Other than acai bowls, we tried the Cookie Craze Toast also from Bahia Bowls. This toast looked so appetizing with the bright strawberries on the dark brown cookie butter and the chia seeds sprinkled on top. The mix of fruity and sweet tastes had a good balance. We rated this toast a 4/5 because we felt the toast could have had more fruits on it.

The final summer treat we tried was the Mango-a-go-go smoothie from Jamba Juice. This drink was chilled and had the perfect combination of citrus and sweetness making it a go-to summer drink. The consistency of the smoothie was not too watery or too thick, making it enjoyable. Not to mention, the vibrant color made us love the drink even more. We rated this smoothie a 5/5.

Overall, we enjoyed these summer foods and recommend these four treats to kick off summer break.