Pavegen steps into future of energy


Wikimedia Commons

Passengers and staff walk over a set of “Pavegen” tiles at Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH). The tiles function by converting kinetic energy from human footsteps into electricity.

The endless quest to find a clean energy source had gone through many supposed “solutions,” but British engineer Laurence Kemball-Cook revolutionized the way people thought about energy creation.
Kemball-Cook invented Pavegen, a company that was focused on transforming kinetic energy into electrical energy. Essentially, Pavegen’s tiles converted energy from people’s footsteps into usable electrical power.
According to Business Insider, Kemball-Cook came up with the idea for Pavegen while researching “off-grid energy solutions” as a college student.
As he designed the product, he implemented the tiles in a variety of different environments. Kemball-Cook used the tiles to make a football pitch in Brazil, creating the first kinetic soccer field. He also used the tiles in a British nightclub, where the kinetic energy made from dancing was transformed into energy that was used to power the club.
According to an interview with The Engineer, Kemball-Cook said, “I think we’re on the tip of the iceberg compared to what is possible with it [the tiles]. This is just the beginning within the renewable sector.”