Student wins Aspiring Journalist Award


Gabby Cohen

Using her journalism skills, Lila Goldin wins a journalism award. “I’m grateful for all of the opportunities. I’ve been able to have, and to be a part of the journalism community,” Goldin said.

Being a journalist involved leadership and talent. Eighth grade communications student, Lila Goldin showed that and placed runner up for the Aspiring Young Journalist award with the Journalism Education Association.

“It came a shock to me, and it wasn’t something I was expecting. It was an honor,” Goldin said.

Creatively using media was another trait to receive this award. Some examples include writing articles, filming, writing scripts.

“She’s on TV crew and is outstanding in every role that she has rotated into including in leadership roles,” Shannon Owens, communications teacher said.

Goldin was also an Editor in Chief on the Portfolio Newspaper staff.

“She is an excellent student who takes pride in her
work,” Jessica Samons, communications teacher said. “Since the award is for an aspiring journalist, that’s what she is working on.”