Summer 2k14 Fashion Trends

Rachel Pipkin, Features Editor

October 17, 2014

From white converse to floral skirts, the summer of 2014 was full of abstract fashion that continued into the school year.    “I think some of the most popular things over the summer were high waisted shorts and crop-tops, the...

Students discuss music hits and misses

Kevin Ahern, Entertainment Ediotr

October 9, 2014

Friends laughed, talked, and danced their precious summer night away while the hit summer song “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea blasted in the background. According to the Billboard 100, Azalea’s “Fancy” was the number one...

Summer’s sports bring excitement, disappointment

Luke Stone, Sports and Clubs Editor

October 9, 2014

As the Stanley Cup, the pro Hockey championship was winding down, the NBA Finals were starting up. As the NBA Finals were coming to a close, the World Cup was beginning. This summer in sports provided a variety of sports for fans...

‘The Maze Runner’ surprises audience with action packed film

Angela Yan, Arts and Academics Editor

October 9, 2014

“The Maze Runner” hit theaters Sept. 19, bringing excitement to audiences of all ages. The movie was an adaption of James Dashner’s bestselling book. On opening weekend, it brought in approximately $32 million, ranking number...

Ebola virus strikes many outside of US

Ebola virus strikes many outside of US

Carleigh Dickinson, Editor in Chief

October 9, 2014

Student suspended for saying “Bless you”

Lilly Gumbinner, Photo Editor

October 9, 2014

At Dyer County High School in Newbern, Tennessee, senior Kendra Turner was suspended for saying a common courtesy phrase, “Bless you.” “I think that is unfair because you say bless you when someone sneezes, It is just...

Students, staff suffer tighter budget cuts

Zac Jacobson, Assistant Editor in Chief

October 9, 2014

After a long, ten week vacation, summer break came to a close. And with that, came a tighter school district budget. “It has been harder to get the supplies that we needed this year than last,” Shannon Owens, communications...

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