Cheating proves to be a growing problem among students

Yoonie Yang, Guest Writer

April 21, 2015

Why does cheating get worse? Students copy homework from friends and ask for answers during a test. Over the years, technology has progressed and cheating through electronic devices has never been easier. According to dictionary.com,...

Many are too uninformed about ulcerative colitis

Bari Weiner, Guest Writer

April 21, 2015

Ulcerative colitis is inflammation of the colon, or large intestine that helps digest food in the human body, and many people are not fully aware of it because it is not that recognized. Adults and children should be aware...

Peer pressure causes problems for teenagers

Mara Vaknin, Guest Writer

April 21, 2015

Peer pressure is like a seed. It starts out as a small comment like "ew, how could you wear that," which then sprouts into bullying, which then creates a big tree of depression and unhappy teenagers. Most bullying incidents...

Todays society relys too heavily on technology

Faith Tirtarahardja, Guest Writer

April 21, 2015

Technology has grown to become a part of a person’s everyday lives and it seems that people cannot live a day without it. It has grown to be so vital in people’s lives that it has affected this generation in so many ways....

Junior League of the Palm Beaches provides great opportunity

Jordan Taylor, Guest Writer

April 21, 2015

The Junior League of the Palm Beaches is an organization of women who came together to develop the potential of women and improve our community. The Junior League is not just in Palm Beach.  According to jlpb.org, there is...

Television can have a negative influence on todays youth

Elena Snyder, Guest Writer

April 21, 2015

In 2013, for every hour watching television, 15 minutes and 38 seconds of that was advertising. Exposure to too many commercials can have negative effects. T.V. can also negatively influence people through movies and T.V. shows. T.V....

Students easily get distracted while doing homework

Rayne Ramlal, Guest Writer

April 21, 2015

Homework. Everything that is normally boring suddenly becomes interesting while doing it. With technology today, it can be easy to get distracted from homework. As much as students do not want to admit it, homework is important....

Breed Specific Legislation, pitbulls commonly targeted

Isabella Ramirez, Guest Writer

April 21, 2015

Breed Specific Legislation [BSL] is exactly what it sounds like…regulation of the right to own a specific breed, innocent or guilty. The most targeted breed are pit bulls, and those of its family, and are being banned in many...

Cell phones cause disruption in school, should not be allowed

Esha Dudhwewala, Guest Writer

April 21, 2015

At Bak Middle School of the Arts [MSOA], students are not allowed to use their cell phones on campus unless permitted. Many students are upset about this. The staff believes that cell phones should not be allowed at all during...

Students sucked in by technology

John-Gabriel Fehribach, Guest Writer

April 21, 2015

Kids, these days are being sucked in by this new technology that is coming out, and not getting enough outside play time. The benefits for children going outside rather than staying inside playing video games are much more...

Technology consumes toddlers, bad for social development

Valeria Tezak, News Edior

April 17, 2015

Most people depend on technology throughout the day. Toddlers these days are becoming just as tech savvy as their parents, spending hours on a tablet or watching TV. But when is it too much? Recent studies have shown that exaggerated...

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