2013-2014 Staff

Carleigh Dickinson

Editor in Chief, Carleigh Dickinson strives for the best as a contributing Portfolio Newspaper staff.  She excels as copy editor and additionally serves as video producer for news packages as well as the leader of the staff.

Zac Jacobson

Zac Jacobson is the Assistant Editor in Chief of the Portfolio Newspaper. He enjoys playing video games, loves cooking and is an avid fan of Netflix.  If he ever won the lottery, he would buy Chipotle for the entire newspaper...

Rachel Pipkin

Rachel Pipkin is the Features Editor for the Portfolio Newspaper and an eighth grade communications major.  She likes writing, photography, videography and sushi.  Rachel also enjoys Netflix.

Valeria Tezak

Valeria Tezak is the News Editor for the Portfolio Newspaper.  She loves to play volleyball, bake and draw.  Valeria enjoys taking photos and reporting for the newspaper.

Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon is an eighth grade communication major who serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Portfolio Newspaper. He has been on the staff for two years. He excels at writing and is on Bak MSOA's Speech and Debate Team.

Noa Kroyter

Noa Kroyter is an eighth grade communications student who serves as assistant editor in chief.  She enjoys listening to music and hanging out with her friends.

Claire Scozzari

Claire Scozzari is an eighth grade communications student. In her free time she enjoys swimming, reading and listening to music.

Connor Worontsoff

Connor Worontsoff is a seventh grade communications student.  Connor not only enjoys playing sports, but also likes writing about sports.

Carly Schwamm

Carly Schwamm is an eighth grade communications major. She loves discovering new music, writing, hanging out with her friends, and going to the beach.

Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson is an eighth grade communications student.  She enjoys writing and horseback riding.  Jordan likes to spend time with her friends at the mall.

Sara Moreno

Sara Moreno is a seventh grade communications major and aspiring writer. In her free time she likes to write stories with her friends and she loves animals.

Jessica Samons

Jessica Samons has been teaching young eager minds for over 20 years. The past 17 have been spent here at Bak Middle School of the Arts. A native Kentuckian, Ms. Samons graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a B.A. in...

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