2016-2017 Staff

Bella Velez

Eighth grade communications major Bella Velez is Co Editor in Chief  for the Portfolio Newspaper. She likes to read lots of books daily.

Victoria Rosenthal

Seventh grade communications major Victoria "Tori" Rosenthal is currently one of the photo editors for the Portfolio Newspaper.  In addition to helping with the photos, Tori enjoys drawing and hopes to contribute as the cartoonist...

Thomas Ashley

Seventh grade communications major Thomas Ashley is currently one of the photo editors on the Portfolio Newspaper staff. Outside of school he enjoys sports such as baseball and football.

Miles Wang

Seventh grade communications major Miles Wang currently serves as assistant editor in chief, website editor, and opinion editor for the Portfolio Newspaper. He enjoys sleeping in his spare time.

Sylvia Ng

Eighth grade communications major Sylvia Ng is currently the entertainment editor for the Portfolio Newspaper.

Ben Shainman

Eighth grade communications major Ben Shainman is currently website editor for the Portfolio newspaper and is also a technology editor. His favorite soccer team is Everton, and his favorite subject is math!

Jarom Gordon

Eighth grade communications major Jarom Gordon is currently the website editor.  Like most middle school students, he likes sleeping and eating.  He also plays the piano and won the PBAU Young Arts award for playing piano.

Ashlie Cubas

Seventh grade communications major Ashlie Cubas is currently the Arts and Academics editor.  She enjoys playing soccer and cuddling with her dog, Chiki.

Brianna Angillilo

Seventh grade communications major Brianna Angiolillo is currently the news editor for the Portfolio Newspaper.  In addition the newspaper staff, she also participates in the speech and debate club at Bak MSOA.

James Walter

Seventh grade communications major, James Walter is the advertising/business manager.  He likes playing soccer and is an avid boy scout.

Yasmin Ali

Seventh grade communications major Yasmin Ali is the copy editor for the Portfolio Newspaper.

Jacob Schlessel

Jacob Schlessel is an eighth grade communications student and the technology editor for the Portfolio Newspaper.  He enjoys fishing and basketball.

Sreenidhi Nidamanur

Sreenidhi is an eighth grade communications student and the sports editor for the Portfolio Newspaper.  She loves playing tennis and reading books.  Sreenidhi also enjoys writing articles and is very proud to be part of the...

Anushka Lakum

Anushka is an eighth grade communications student and Co Editor in Chief for the Portfolio Newspaper.  This is her second year on the staff.  She loves reading, writing, singing and participates in Bollywood dancing in her...

Ashley Kulberg

Ashley has always had a passion for writing.  She was born in New York,  but has spent most of her life in Florida.  She is an eighth grade communications student and is features editor on the Portfolio Newspaper staff....

Nikita Tanguturi

Nikita Tanguturi is a Co Editor in Chief for the Portfolio Newspaper and an eighth grade communications student.  She loves hamsters, debating and Adam Levine.

Jessica Samons

Jessica Samons has been teaching young eager minds for over 20 years. The past 17 have been spent here at Bak Middle School of the Arts. A native Kentuckian, Ms. Samons graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a B.A. in...

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