Students say new textbooks enhance learning


Reading through his digital textbook, Brody Gansz, seventh grade theater major, uses the resources located in the online counterpart to work on his assignment. “They have a lot of good tools to make reading easier, and it does a good job of explaining what’s happening in the text,” Gansz said. Photo by Jaya Ramanujan

Bak students received a surprise when returning to school this year: new textbooks.

“I like the fact that they are digital, and it takes the weight off my shoulders,” Reya Spivak, seventh grade communications major said.

Students were able to leave their textbooks at school, so they had lighter backpacks.

“I like having the textbooks as a resource for the new Florida Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking standards, (B.E.S.T)” Michelle Ashley, math teacher said.

The state of Florida adopted a new set of learning standards, and the new textbook launched as a companion.

“I like the textbooks because they are informative,” Tyrah Webb, seventh grade dance major said. “I can write on a hard copy, and I can tear out the pages I need and put them in my binder.”

In past years, students had to use the online counterpart. This year, however, students were allowed to bring hardcopies of the textbook so they could annotate or take notes.

“Students have the option of a hard copy in case they don’t have Internet access,” said Dyan Barefoot, language arts teacher.

Oftentimes, a student will not have internet access , and the fact that there’s a hard copy allows these students to learn with fewer hurdles.

“I believe they are neat, and I like the fact they are new,” Willow Schar, eighth grade visual arts major said.

Bak students received old textbooks for years. This year, students receieved their own textbooks that they were free to annotate.

“What I like about the new textbooks is that there is a digital version, so you don’t need to carry around the textbook,” Madison Murillo, seventh grade strings major said.

Students can leave their textbooks in their classrooms and access the textbooks through their portals through a tile called Student Texts.

“I like that they are hole-punched, so I can put them in my binder. Also, I am a visual learner, so I like the photos in the textbooks,” Janiya Carries, eighth grade theater major said.

This year’s textbooks contain new and improved facts, along with new tools in the digital counterpart.


Annotating her hardcopy of the textbook, Hannah Densen seventh grade theater major practices for her quiz. “I like that there are more visuals, and key ideas are highlighted,” Densen said. Photo by Jaya Ramanujan