Day in a life of a Technology Coordinator


One of the most unknown jobs at school  is the job of Technology Coordinator. Although it is one of the most important jobs here at Bak, it still goes unbeknownst to most of the student body. 

Sean Ache, Technology Director and Coordinator, has been working with technology for over 12 years. However,  he didn’t always have  a love for computers.

“I actually didn’t really think much about technology when I was in college,” Ache said.

Ache started college as a music and business major, but it was a friend who then introduced him to the world of technology. 

“One of my friends was working in IT and showed me what they were doing, and I thought it was really cool,” Ache said.

Ache started experimenting with computers thereafter. He began taking apart computers, observing how they worked from the inside, and trying to build computers.

In 2010, Ache started as the Technology Director at Wellington High School. But then, he heard about Bak.

“One of the teachers at Wellington High was leaving to go accept a job at Bak. He told me about a job opening, so I took it,” Ache said.

In his current role, Ache gets to work with computers day in and day out.

“I love  my job because everyday is different,” Ache said. “In a cubicle, things are always the same but, in my job, there’s always a new problem to solve.” 

According to the teachers and staff he works with daily, Ache is essential to the technology operations of the school.

“Mr. Ache’s job is crucial to Bak because, without him, none of the tech would work as smoothly as it does,” Natalie Sharp, communications teacher, said.

Although his main passion is computers, Ache also singing, playing the piano and drums, and playing video games. 

“Mr. Ache is definitely the best one for the job. He has the knowledge and ability to get the job done,” said David Cantor, sixth grade science teacher said.