A look into how Tri-Rail serves students


Students wait as the 7:20 AM train arrives in Delray Beach. “ I like Tri-Rail because it provides a convenient transportation system for students that can’t get to school any other way,” Sherman said. Photo by Marton Papp

Tri-Rail is a mode of transportation that allows students to get to and from their homes and  school quickly and safely.

“Tri-Rail helps people who live further away to have a safe and quick way to get to school and to avoid traffic,” Ana Baraldi, seventh grade dance major said.

The train picks up students from a variety of cities. Ranging from Deerfield to West Palm Beach, Tri-Rail extends all the way to Miami, helping parents bring their children to school. 

“It helps people’s parents who live far away to not drive for a long period of time and to not become late to their jobs,” Pedro Coutinho, seventh grade music major said.

 The train provides access to further away cities to get to school regularly, without making parents go out of their way to get students to school. This allows students and parents to acquire peace of mind about tardiness.

“I would have a harder time getting to school on time and it would affect my sleep schedule if there would be no train,”Coutinho said.

This is some students’ only form of accessible transportation due to the fact that they live so far from the school itself.

Tri-Rail helps me go to school because my parents can’t get me there another way,” Manuela Cassalom, eighth grade strings major said.

While bringing students to and from school, Tri-Rail offers opportunities for students to socialize and have fun with their friends.

“ I feel like having a mini party to and from school, and it gives me a mental break from the stress of work, school and home life. I love being able to hangout with my friends,” Ebba Simone, eighth grade piano major said.

Without the train, many students wouldn’t be able to commute to the school, which could be detrimental to their education opportunities.

“No Tri-Rail would make getting to school very difficult, since I live at the end of the county,” Samantha Sherman, eighth grade vocal major said.

Students are also able to learn life skills and lessons from the train.

“Tri-Rail will always make me remember the importance of time management. The train won’t wait for you, so it’s crucial to adapt to the Tri-Rail circumstances,” Sherman said.

Tri-Rail provides a method of transportation for nearly 400 students at Bak,  which is roughly one-third of the school, meaning it  affects  many students’ school lives.

“Tri-Rail influences me because I am able to get an education. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to learn as much as I do at the moment,” Coutinho said.

While there may be a few delays, the train provides a speedy and uncomplicated way for students to arrive at school.

“It makes my morning commute much less lengthy,” Madi Harris, eighth grade theatre major said, “Because it makes a much longer time traveling shorter.”