Sixth to eighth grade transfer

Sixth to eighth grade transfer

Luke Cristantiello, News Editor
October 16, 2018

Urban Youth Impact volunteer accumulates 300 hours

Alexis Pham, Arts & Academics
May 18, 2018
With total concentration on her performance, DeFeo sings her new song, “Stay Young” alongside her brother. Together, they had performed at Common Grounds Coffee Shop on May 5. “Julianna started performing because it really shows who she is and I can tell Julianna and Joey both love what they do,” Connie DeFeo said.

Star singer Juliana DeFeo aspires to be performer

Kate Wagner, Business Manager
May 18, 2018
Lili Dagan, seventh grade piano major, poses with Audra Leech, her coach, and the results of a skating test. “My most recent test was about my free juvenile moves, which are moves that are about the middle point in difficulty,” Dagan said.

Figure skater glides through her passion and struggles

Kamna Nair, Technology Editor
February 26, 2018
After going through clef surgery, a child in Burma, Asia receives a stuffed animal from Lucy Nwe, nurse. Four thousand six hundred volunteers traveled to different locations and assisted children who were in need of medical attention. “All the patients are very happy, which makes me happy too,” Nwe said.

Seventh grader provides toys for kids in other countries

Carina Wang, News Editor
January 22, 2018
Camila Manrique, eighth grade theater major, smiles for the camera. Manrique has never been in a feature film, however she was a main character in a music video by a popular artist in Miami. “When I found out about the part, I was really happy and excited because it was my first film,” Manrique said.

Bak students plays supporting role in feature film

Sophia Roberts, Features Editor
November 9, 2017
Eighth grade dance major, Courtney Pirozzi, performs a solo titled
“Disintigrate” choreographed by Mark Galvan. Pirozzi also took dance
classes with different teachers while in Orlando for the competition.

Bak student wins national title

Carina Wang, News Editor
October 12, 2017
At the concert, students performed pieces from various types of dance, including ballet, modern and jazz. “I felt very uplifted and joyful,” Jacqueline Albanese, seventh grade dance major said, “Dancing is what I love to do.” Albanese sautéed across the stage in a ballet piece.

Past and present come together in 20th annual winter dance concert

Nikita Tanguturi, Co-Editor-in-Chief
February 24, 2017
Bak’s original campus was North Shore High School, and was much smaller than the current one. Today, 1354 students attend the school and 85 full-time teachers work there, according to public-schools.com.

MSOA: Where at all started

Ashley Kulberg, Features Editor
January 12, 2017
Open house allows students to show work to parents

Open house allows students to show work to parents

Nikita Tanguturi, Co-Editor-in-Chief
January 12, 2017
Smiling, Rebecca Mock shows students her influences early in her career.  She gave students ideas on how to develop their own individual styles as artists, and how to work past any obstacles. “She kept on telling us to keep trying. Even if you present work to someone who rejects it, eventually someone will take it,” Sydney Williams, eighth grade visual major said.

Student to mentor: former visual major Rebecca Mock visits her alma mater

Nikita Tanguturi, Editor in Chief
November 15, 2016
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