Inspired by Eliana Gerard’s talent, the dance majors mimic her movements. The students were taught to move freely and live everyday as a dancer. Hayden Pontius, seventh grade dance major, said, “This was the most fun class I have had in a long time. Eliana was so inspiring and talented.”

Former student Eliana Girard inspires Bak dancers

Samantha White, Arts and Academics Editor
May 18, 2018
The Step Team performs a routine for the talent show. The event was held on May 11, and included other performances by the cheer team, singers, and more.

Students perform at curtain calls talent show

Miles Wang, Assistant Editor in Chief
May 18, 2018
From cucumbers to red potatoes, gleaning is a service program where volunteers collect fruits and vegetables for the needy of South Florida. According to crosministries.org, the Department of Children and Families estimated that 54 million pounds of produce went to waste every year. Through gleaning, volunteers helped reduce that number and gave back to the community.

NJHS members participate in gleaning to help community

Bella Velez, Co-Editor in Chief
May 18, 2018
Bak’s Step Team performed at Palm Beach Lakes High School and got first place. Their theme was “Creepy Clowns.” Moore said, “It was like a combination of It and Bak.”

Star steppers make their way to nationals

Kamna Nair, Technology Editor
May 18, 2018
Luca Oberndorfer, setter, and Cole Hamilton, outside hitter, wait to set the ball and make a good play against the opposing team, Independence. They later lost the game against Independence, losing both sets on May 7.

Boys Volleyball spikes into end of season

Snehith, Enjem
May 18, 2018

Students compete at academic games state tournament

Miles Wang, Assistant Editor in Chief
April 10, 2018
The Green Team and Student Government Association have plans to rebuild the Butterfly Garden, and will keep a plaque commemorating Paula Hough, who originally organized it in 2008. Lee Glaze, magnet coordinator, said, “Due to all the hurricanes that we had recently, a lot of the trees have been damaged and dried up so we eventually want to start by building up and keeping the memory of Mrs. Hough.”

Butterfly Garden helps beautify school

Ava Wherley, Copy Editor
April 10, 2018
After presenting her speech and being evaluated by judges, Mariana Colom, sixth grade communications major, receives her second place trophy. Students competed in BLANK events, which ranged from original oratory speech to congress debate. “I feel special to be part of the Bak team. We have this family bond where everyone supports each other, and it is a great experience,” Colom said.

Speech, debate tournament shows off student’s skills

Carina Wang, News Editor
April 10, 2018
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