Girls basketball team ends season with a slam-dunk


Seventh grade band major Axel Brown bounds across the court as her teammates cheer her on. “I really love how fast paced the games are,” Brown said, “It keeps everyone attentive and on their toes.” Photo by Gabby Cohen

Bak’s girls basketball team’s first game began Wednesday, Feb. 15th, and as the season closed out, the players expressed just how much more than a team they had become.

“I would describe our team’s relationship as fun and developing,” Reese Caballero, eighth grade said. “We continue to bond and spend time together outside of the team and have become incredibly close.”

 Running various vigorous drills to help pinpoint and discard flaws, the girl’s basketball team had practice almost every night. Spending time critiquing and helping each other to perfect and hone their skills is what many players attribute to their strong connection with each other too. 

“We do quite a few exercises to help warm us up and run through certain plays in the game,” Caballero said. “The practices really helped me, considering how active of a season we had.”

The team experienced a total of eight games ranging from travel games at alternating middle schools and numerous home games. Over the course of their season, the team’s players would face many challenges that would have to be resolved at one of their many practices.

“We had a fairly eventful season even though we didn’t win a lot of the games,” Kaitlyn Maldonado, eighth-grade point guard said. “We improved a lot over the practices and focused on the things that were bringing us down in the games.”

After the end of the season, many revealed their hopes to continue and maintain the team, both player and coach alike.

“We had an incredible season,” Coach Christine Gilbert said. “I couldn’t be happier to share it with our wonderful players.”