Visual Arts Department introduces 2D Animation Class


2D animation instructor Ashley Monastra helps a student with their project. “We’re getting to see that sequence of images and what kind of personality they’re putting into their animation,” Monastra said. Photo by Jaya Ramanujan

Bak’s Visual Department introduced a new class: 2D Animation. The main goal of this is to prepare students for the animation industry while using the technology professionals use.

“My favorite thing about teaching 2D animation is getting to see the students’ artwork applied to something that’s moving.”  Ashley Monastra, 2D animation instructor said. 

Some students use this class as a way to practice their skills, as well as expand their horizons in the visual arts industry.

“Around 2017,  I got introduced to the animation community. I thought it was really cool

and I wanted to do animation. So this is my introduction to it,” Chloe Dobbins, eighth grade visual arts major said.

This class stimulates life in the animation industry, but in a classroom. From the working environment to the resources being used, students are being set up to succeed.

“I really like the whole class in general and how we get to  actually do animation because I do want to be an animator when I grow up,” Rachel Mangano, eighth grade visual arts major said.

Most students use this class to explore and learn animation for the fun of it. This will help to assist students in making career decisions.

“I love digital art and the knowledge I am getting from animation will help me decide 

whether or not I am continuing art as a career because it is so insightful on so many professions,” Willow Schar, eighth grade visual arts major said.

Overall, several students view  this class as a positive addition and believe it will continue to help students discover and expand their passion for animation.