Major tech companies sign Geneva Accord

Snehith Enjem, Sports Editor

May 18, 2018

Many companies, including Microsoft and Facebook, signed an agreement to not help any government launch cyber-attacks against people. Originating from the Geneva Convention that set rules for war in the real world, the Digital...

New technology can simulate a conversation with a loved one.

Kamna Nair, Technology Editor

May 18, 2018

Technology does a lot, from cleaning houses to keeping track of belongings. Now, apps can bring loved ones back from the dead. Luka, an app developer, has made artificial intelligence (AI) that can make it seem like someone...

New toothbrush scrubs away competition

Ben Shainman, Technology Editor

May 16, 2018

One thing that identifies a person is their smile, but keeping a good smile involves brushing their teeth, a lot. Brushing has not always been the most enjoyable, but one company is changing the process. Kolibree unveiled Magik...

Nintendo invent new interactive device

Snehith Enjem, Sports Editor

April 10, 2018

Make, play, discover. The Nintendo Labo kits were designed to help kid build things that can interact with their Nintendo Switch in a variety of different games and activities. According to labo.nintendo.com, Nintendo Labo...

Allergy Amulet detects food allergies

Alexis Pham, Arts & Academics Editor

April 6, 2018

Allergies are conditions that occur when the immune system reacts to foreign substances with negative or abnormal ways. The allergy amulet detected food allergens, allowing for people to be safe from allergic reactions. According...

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