Palm Beach County School District introduces a new way to register for athletics

Malina P Asnani (STUDENT)

The new sports registration website for Palm Beach County Schools,, provides many families with a more suitable way to sign their kids up for sports. “I feel like it’s convenient that it is online now and accessible to anyone,” Brianna Babinski, eighth grade vocal major, said. Photo from Aktivate website

A new registration system is being used to be more efficient in registering students for sports at school. Aktivate is a website and is available as an app on students’ and parents’ devices.

Students who play sports have already been affected by this online registration format. Eighth grade communications major, Devi Ramprasad expressed her opinion on this.

“I think this system is really easy to navigate, overall I think it’s super useful for people such as me who play sports in school.” Ramprasad said.

Aktivate is a system which parents or students could access by downloading the app. All that is needed to use this website is to create an account then register for your sport and your Palm Beach County school.

“I just had to have my parents do the online registration and it was super simple to keep track of my team practices when using this app,” Brianna Babinski, eighth grade vocal major said.Not only does this system affect student, but it also helps parents a lot when it comes to signing papers.

“I feel like it is very beneficial for people who are doing sports and are athletic at bak to just go online, fill out some forms, and just press submit,” eighth grade communications major, Leyla Benoit said.

When using Aktivate you can manage all payments, manage your schedule, make team donations, and much more all while being at home.