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From Brackets to Battle

How Students and Staff Enjoy March Madness
Steph Chambers (Caitlin) Lance King (Paige)
Caitlin Clark (22) of the Iowa Hawkeyes reacts in the second half during the 2024 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament National Championship game against the South Carolina Gamecocks at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse on Sunday, April 7, 2024, in Cleveland. (Steph Chambers/Getty Images/TNS) Paige Bueckers (5) of the UConn Huskies puts up a shot against Tessa Johnson (5) of the South Carolina Gamecocks during the second half at Colonial Life Arena on Feb. 11, 2024, in Columbia, South Carolina. SC won 83-65. (Lance King/Getty Images/TNS)

The crowd holds their breath, all bets are in. 64 teams will be reduced to one in a matter of only 7 rounds. Champions are forged through talent, perseverance and sheer will. From the beginning of March to the end of April, people all around the world are drawn into this heart-pounding experience.. It’s a  prestigious contest that forces players to push through boundary after boundary to claim the championship rings. This is March Madness.

Whether you’re on your couch or surrounded by cheering stampedes of fans in packed stadiums, March Madness brings people together with open arms to root on their favorite college basketball team.

“I always watch it with my best friend who likes basketball as well, and I always watch it with my dad,”  Amelia Oliver, eighth-grade vocal major, said.

March Madness brings families and friends together and can strengthen relationships.  However, this event doesn’t only entertain viewers. It helps build the next generation of basketball players.

“I love to watch other people play. And when I watch what they do, I try to replicate it in my games and try to make my game better,” Oliver said.

For generations, it’s been the same for other players too. March Madness has allowed them to view the high-performing college athletes and learn from their gameplay. Oliver is one example of who improved off of this tournament.

“I hope, in my future, to become a better basketball player and I hope to play in the college league. But yeah, it influences me,” said seventh-grade band major Erik Aranyos.

March Madness incorporates all genders into this fierce competition. UConn star Paige Bueckers made it into the final four this year, and lost against Iowa 71-69. The game was very close, but Iowa’s star player Caitlin Clark, ended it off. Iowa made it all the way into the championship round, but lost to South Carolina 75-87. Even though UConn lost, They made a strong comeback. Bueckers tore her ACL in her

2022-2023 season while playing pickup basketball at the Werth Champions Center. Bueckers will

certainly be back next year hungry for a win.

March Madness is also notorious for its game predictions and bracket-making.  In anticipation of the beginning of the tournament, fans make bracket predictions on March Madness. However, during the mid-20th century, this practice of filling out brackets skyrocketed. Over the years, almost 45 million Americans have created brackets and placed wagers on them According to CBS News.

Predicting the winner is another custom that has been made over the years. This enjoyable tradition has now become a staple of March Madness. . However, as fun as this practice is, it can be heated. Even families that agree on almost everything are divided when March rolls around. Predictions for the winner of March Madness aren’t much different.

March Madness is more than just a basketball tournament. It’s a social phenomenon that brings people of all ages and backgrounds together. From filling out brackets to cheering on your favorite team, the tournament has become a staple in American sports. 

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