Eighth graders take steps to prepare for high school


Writing down musical terms, Daniel Goldberg, eighth grade band major, prepares for his high school audition. “I want to try to focus on academics and my instrument in my high school,” Goldberg said. Photo by Mabruk Alam

As eighth graders headed toward their last few months as middle schoolers, their focus had shifted to something new: high school.

When applications for choice programs opened on Nov. 1, eighth graders started to look ahead to their next steps after middle school.

“It’s important to start planning early because you can start the audition process preparation early, or you could know the requirements early,” Daniel Goldberg, eighth grade band major said. 

Many students found different ways to start their preparations.

“I’m currently in a preparation class and I pay special attention and write notes in my communications classes,” Morgan Bertisch, eighth grade communications major said. 

Students have also done research on the schools they want to attend and applied this research into their decision.

 “I want to go to American Heritage because it has a lot of good programs, like art and engineering,” Brian Li, eighth grade piano major said. “It’s also a college preparatory school.”

Eighth graders also credited their own school experiences with assisting them during these times. 

“In terms of my instrument, Bak has helped me grow as a musician exponentially. I improved a lot,” Goldberg said. 

Staying within their current major was a goal many students had for their future.

“I really like communications,” Bertisch said. “ It gave me a voice and it continues to help me grow my voice and as a person.”

Due to their self-confidence, eighth graders already have  a plan  for when they graduate  from middle school.

“At my high school, I want to do my academics as well as I can and play some piano for fun,” Li said.  

Some students stressed the importance of a backup plan.

“It’s always good to have a backup,” Goldberg said, “because not everything works out.”