Students create goals to thrive this year


Utilizing her study hall class, Lyra Radashkevich, eighth grade communications major, works hard to finish a history worksheet. “I plan to achieve my goals by having good time management, so I am able to finish all my work and still have time to do other fun activities. I even set alarms on my phone, so that way I could stick to a schedule,” Radashkevich said. Photo by Cassie Glomann

As the school year began, some students set academic goals to help prepare for any upcoming challenges along the way.

“Some of my goals for this school year are to stay on top of my homework and get straight As if it’s possible,” Madison Harris, eighth grade theater major said.

Other students have goals, not just for their own good, but also for the people they care about.

“I want to have a balance between school and my life outside of school,” Lyra Radashkevich, an eighth grade communications major said. “I want to be able to have time to hang out with my friends and family, but also be able to do homework and projects.”

Many students have strategies to make sure they achieve their goals.

“I plan to achieve them by working hard and studying,” Josiah Sterling, sixth grade band major said.

Some students have goals specific to each subject, which makes it easier for them to place emphasis on their intentions.

“Most of my goals are overall, but if I had to pick a couple of classes to focus on they would be math and science,” Brea Siegel, seventh grade theater major said.

To some, it is essential to construct goals, as they assist students in persisting through the school year.

“Having goals is important because
they keep you motivated and on track throughout the year,” Radashkevich said.

Depending on what a student’s goal is, their reasons differ for making a plan.

“Getting straight As is a goal that a lot of people have, and I want to impress my family,” Harris said.
No matter what a student’s goal is, they hope to eventually achieve that goal during the school year.