New app for West Palm Beach residents helps solve problems in the city


Mayor Keith James and City Planner Tiffany David at the State of the City 2022. “I knew that I wanted to improve this customer service organization. So, we came up with this idea for an app,” James said. Photo courtesy of Rebecca DeLaRosa

West Palm Beach, a lively city filled with shopping and entertainment, is set to see a new app planned by the mayor.

“The project is focused on creating a seamless customer service experience for residents,” Tiffany David, city planner and director of the project, said.

When West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James stepped into his role, one of the first things he wanted to do was create a customer service organization that would efficiently serve the people.

Now, that plan is being brought to life by Rajiv Desai, CEO of 3Di systems.

“I think that the most important thing was that it’s going to give people another voice and also give the city another voice,” Desai said.

Desai has created apps for the cities of Los Angeles, Las Vegas and more. The previous apps he made were automated.

“What I like most about the app is its ease, ease of use,” James said. “It’s convenient and it portrays the city as being up to date.”

Although the app is helping people, it is also helping the city gather information on what the biggest problems the city has and what needs to be taken care of depending on how often the complaint is received.

“There are other cities that already have an app like this, but we may be the first in Florida,” James said. “We’ll be the first in Palm Beach County, and I like the fact that we’re a leader. It’s really saying that I believe I’m not hiding anything. I want things to be more efficient.”