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Making an Influence Through Music

How staff and students feel about the Luke Bryan Concert
Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times/TNS
Luke Bryan performs during the Stagecoach Country Music Festival in Indio, California, on April 28, 2012.

Luke Bryan performed a concert on Nov. 18 hosted by the Save Our Music Foundation to raise funds for Bak Middle School of the Arts, Dreyfoos High School of the Arts and Jupiter High School. Participating schools and fans could attend for tickets priced at $1,500 each. The special occasion was located in an open-air venue at the Jupiter Pointe Marina and Tiki 52 properties.


Influenced by her own fondness for music of all different genres, Principal Sally Rozanski excitedly anticipated the concert. Rozanski said local musicians, as well as students from Dreyfoos and Jupiter High, would perform at the event.  


 “It’s a way to support them by giving people a platform and not only the exposure but the donations and funds that we can use,” Rozanski said.  


Madison Denicola, a seventh-grade vocal major, believes Bryan’s support for the arts only adds more meaning and significance to his music. Denicola thoroughly enjoys country music, and  Luke Bryan is one of the best singers she’s encountered. 


“He has such great music and listening to that in the concert, along with how much struggle it takes to prepare and accomplish the task, makes it a once in a lifetime experience,” Denicola said.   


Denicola expresses how it’s a great concert that includes an upbeat performance from Luke Bryan and a spectacular selection of songs that are fun and enjoyable. 


 “I would cherish that moment for probably the rest of my life because Luke Bryan means so much to me  and it’s a really good experience and I would love to go see him,” Denicola said.   


Misty Connelly, an assistant principal, supports the schools performing alongside Luke Bryan. She feels grateful that the performing students are an exceptional window for students to see where they could end up one day and that they have remarkable potential. 


“I would be ecstatic to see Dreyfoos and Jupiter High School perform,” Connelly said. “I’m also very proud, without even watching them. I’m proud of their ability to sit on stage with a world famous singer and perform.” 


Rozanski also expresses means of support for the participating schools performing at the concert. It’s a wonderful way to support students by allowing them the opportunity to do so. 


“We’re so excited about this opportunity to be in front of the community and also it’s a wonderful fundraiser to support and we feel so honored to be part of the organization, ” Rozanski said. 


For Denicola, Luke Bryan’s music is a way for her and her family to undergo special, cherished memories. 


“Luke Bryan brings back a lot of memories from my family and childhood, like singing in the car and jamming out to his music as a family,” Denicola said. “I will cherish these memories forever, because it’s the little ones that make me happy.”

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