Science fair participants brew up unique experiments


The school science fair took place on Nov. 17, but there were some differences that made it unlike any previous year.

“I’m really excited to go back to having an in-person science fair because, for the past two to three years, we’ve done a virtual fair. […] In addition to that, we have even more participants this year than ever before,” Rhonda Steinmetz, head of the school-wide science fair and eighth grade science teacher said.

There was another major change this year: those participating in the county science fair were able to do partner projects.

“I chose to participate in the county science fair because I feel like my project has a lot of good ideas that can be used potentially in the real world, and I wanted to do a partner project,” Srividya Muthu, eighth grade vocal major said.

Those who participated had learned valuable lessons about the significance of the fair.

“After completing my project, I’ve learned that science projects shouldn’t be underestimated, you actually have to devote a lot of time to them,” Daniel Marshall, eighth grade communications major said.
The science fair has been a beneficial event for both students and teachers that many enjoyed participating in.

“I really believe in the value of the science fair,” Steinmetz said. “So, I love doing this.”