New hope for boys soccer team


The boys soccer team started off their season  Nov. 7, and the new players brought new talents to the team.

It is very important to have different talents on the team because it brings new perspectives on the field,” Coach William Pinto said.  “ And each player provides a unique approach to soccer situations.” 

Some players on the team believe these talents can be enhanced over time.

“Soccer can keep developing my talents by staying active and by having stronger leadership skills with teammates,” Grayson Murray, seventh grade goalkeeper said.

Though the team has experienced some success, several players find the losses difficult to deal with, Murray said..

“It shapes the team mentally, a lot of people are greatly affected by wins and losses,” Murray said. “I try to make sure they know it’s okay to lose.” 

The team finished with a tie  against  Jupiter Middle School  Dec. 9 after a previous 3-1 loss to Jupiter during their first game of the season. 

“Students can develop talents through practice and repetitions. The more they try a drill and put it together in practice, the better they get on the field of play,” Pinto said.

The players’ talents, when combined, helped the team to win against a rival opponent. Sinedine Sundstrom, eighth grade team captain, explained how teamwork affected individual techniques. 

“My crossing to some of the other players on the team really help us get that extra point when we need it against the other team,” Sundstrom said.

In many sports, teamwork and cooperation are key factors that lead a team to victory, and this logic applies to soccer greatly. 

“As a captain it’s really important to talk to your teammates, because the team needs to have that communication to know where to go at what times,” Sundstom said.

The soccer team won 3-1 against Watson B. Duncan Middle School  Nov. 1. Coach Pinto believed the team’s developing talents lead to this win. 

“These talents help defeat rival teams through unique approaches by working together for a common goal and to stop the other team from advancing and scoring,” Pinto said.

According to eighth grade goalkeeper Nicklaus Edmiston, playing for the team allows some players’ hopes to come true.

“It’s fun since I watched it my entire life, and now I finally get to play it,” Edmiston said.

Many of the players on the team are friends and believe  this affected the way they performed on the field. 

“Soccer means bonding to me. There have been a great amount of friends I have gained in just a few weeks of being on the soccer team,” Murray said.

Each strength was unique and a new addition to the team, which served as an opportunity to gain more victories this season. 

“Every person has a special talent, no matter the skill level,” Murray said.

While the team  continued  to enhance their skills by going to practices and developing different techniques, they also worked to improve their existing strengths .

I would like to say that I am excited with this team this season, as I have a bunch of athletes who are focused and well-mannered while on the field,” Pinto said.  “This will be a good season for sure.”