Bak introduces new clubs


Stitch club is something many students can enjoy together. “By decreasing the stress you are increasing a lot of laughter,” Co-sponsor Bonnie McCarthy said. “It’s just a good way to get together and enjoy a common interest.” Photo courtesy of Tamara Bejarano

Stitch and Pride clubs are the two new clubs that were introduced this  school year. From learning a new hobby to promoting diversity and inclusivity, these new clubs welcome  students to engage in interesting extracurriculars after school.

“My favorite thing about [Pride Club] is just getting to see kids from all the arts areas, which is great because I get to see kids from different areas, and they are all so vibrant and really open, and I just feel lucky to be a part of being around them,” Erin Amico, co-sponsor of pride club said.

Both Stitch club and Pride club were created to encourage students to interact with other students and make new friendships while bonding over something they all enjoy.

“We have wanted to do something that would prompt friendship on campus while doing an activity that we both enjoy,” Bonnie McCarthy, co-sponsor of Stitch  club said. “Over the pandemic, I got into doing stitching and embroidery, and I thought it would be fun to bring that to students here at Bak.” 

 Not only do these clubs offer a new way to make friends, but they also offer a place for students to be able to have a place to be comfortable and talk about things that they are passionate about.

“I feel like Pride club helps more people feel comfortable with this school because they are finally in a safe place and are able to make more friends who are similar to them or have the same interests as them,”  Faith Walters, seventh grade visual arts Pride club member said.

Some students also had a few goals they wanted to be able to meet by joining these clubs, such as learning more about pride and learning how to stitch.

“My goal for this club is to get comfortable with any kind of stitching and crocheting,” Hinav Kour Ahmad,  eighth grade band major said. “Also to get to the point where I can get into sewing my own pieces of clothing.”