Boys basketball dribbles into end of the season


Preparing for the boys basketball’s final match, Matthew Ryabinky, seventh grade communications major, gets ready to take a shot. Photo by Gabby Cohen

   The boys basketball team had their first game on Feb. 15 and the team ended their  season on March 14. This year’s team worked very well together and everyone played a part in the team’s successes.

   “All our players are very talented and I think we worked well as a team, although we had our ups and downs,” Jayden Bai, seventh grade strings major said.

The team reflected on their season’s losses, and some players felt that more practice would have led to a better performance overall.

‘“I think that if we had more time to practice we could’ve done a lot better, but the performance overall in the season was mediocre because in most games, we came out good in the first half and by the second half we fell apart and the other team would get a huge lead on us,” Matthew Ryabinky, seventh grade communications major said.

   The team was led by coach Douglas Battle, who helped them by improving shooting skills, working on teamwork and doing various drills.

   “Coach[Battle] motivates our team to work as a group and points out certain things to improve on individually,” Bai said, “so that we can personally improve as well as work better as a team.”