Sixth graders adjust to middle school


6th grade students Summerill and Nicolaas eating lunch with a few of their friends. “I was really happy that I got in,” Nicolaas said. Photo by Bella Leon

Imagine walking into a brand new school with brand new faces and more than one teacher. This was the reality for sixth graders on Aug. 10, after receiving their audition results just a few months before.

“I felt sort of nervous and confident because I wasn’t sure if I was going to get in, but at the same time, I also thought I did really well,” Waverly Summerill, sixth grade dance major, said.

However, once students got into Bak, most of the nerves while waiting for their results were lifted off their shoulders, leaving the sixth graders with a sense of pride and excitement.

“Getting into Bak felt great because I got to be in classes with my friends, and I was going to be able to dance more,” Summerill said.

Like most students before they start a new grade, sixth graders at Bak had expectations for the school year. Some were stressed, while others were ecstatic for the school year.

“My first thought on middle school is that it would be chill, not something I had to worry about,” Sofia Nicolaas, sixth grade communications major said.

Students like Summerill were excited to learn more about their major and strengthen their art area.

“I really wanted to extend my knowledge of it and my knowledge in all my classes in general, Summerill said.

Already, students have multiple goals for the school year, whether they are about their grades or about their area of expertise.

“My goal for this year is to stay organized, get good grades and get better and my major in general,” Nicolaas said.

Some students found they quickly adjusted to the fast pace of middle school.

“At first, it was scary because I couldn’t find my classes,” Nicolaas said. “But now, middle school is easy.”