Eighth grade theater students prepare for the new ‘Oklahoma!’ musical


Theater majors follow steps to learn a dance in preparation for their production of “Oklahoma.” Zachary Fischetti, eighth grade theater major, said, “It feels pretty good to be a part of this, and I’m really excited, as it incorporates all aspects of musical theater.” Photo by Rotcelyn Caceres

After auditioning and finding out their roles, eighth grade theater students worked to produce the musical “Oklahoma!”

As students take on various roles, from directors to actors, musical theater teacher Christina Caperna guides students through performing on stage.

“I work with them to make sure that they know what their job is,” Caperna said. “It’s challenging where you have to make sure they

know what their job is and how to do it, but it’s always rewarding because they get to see the shows from a different aspect.”

Students experience a strong connection while performing onstage and exploring their passion through musical theater.

“Of course, I love theater, all around theater,” Lyla Chaubal, eighth grade theater major said. “But musical theater just has something else to it that’s a lot more fun, and I enjoy doing it more.”