Back in person: Open house brings together teachers and families


Explaining what her classes entail, Shakendra Moorer, communication teacher, shows Bak parents what their child works on and experiences. “I like seeing their smiles and when they ask questions. It allows us to develop a closer relationship with them overall,” Moorer said. Photo by Maja Milovanovic

This school year, Bak brought back in-person open house events for the first time in two years. Parents of sixth-graders were invited to attend on Aug. 24, while parents of seventh and eighth-graders got to visit campus on Aug. 31.

“The best part about it is getting to know the people who are shaping, influencing and, of course, educating my child,” Kathy Arnone, Bak parent, said.

Many students had different perspectives and outlooks about the return of in-person open houses.

“My parents have heard so many stories about who I am spending time with,” Bailey Arnone, eighth grade communications major, said. “However, when they actually meet them, they have a good idea of who I’m talking about.”

Although the in-person open house had been a long-anticipated occasion for some, others disagreed with the supposed importance of them. For example, it could be difficult to have a teacher stay later than usual.

“I think it is unnecessary,” Kyle Opera, language arts teacher, said. “From the pandemic, I think we learned that most of this information could be conveyed virtually.”

While the revival of this event stirred different opinions and beliefs, many could concur the return of it expanded the relationship between many Bak families and teachers.

“I love showing the parents my personality and what their kids see everyday,” Shakendra Moorer, communications teacher said. They get an opportunity to know more about me and the communications department, and know that I’m here to meet every need of the child.”