Green Team helps to ‘unwrap the waves’

Green Team helps to  ‘unwrap the waves’

Candy wrappers may seem harmless. However, the layer that conceals a sweet treat underneath can be hazardous to marine environments when littered.

Green Team joined the challenge to “unwrap the waves” to help solve this ongoing problem. The club collected candy wrappers from students and staff that previously would have been non-recyclable.

“The reason for this occasion is to raise awareness of the large amounts of waste that comes from holidays like Halloween,” Tamara Bejarano, Green Team club sponsor said. “I think it’s a great initiative and the students will see the impact it has.”

Loggerhead Marine Life Center is the host for this ocean-oriented event. Many club members were interested in taking on this new project.

“I’m excited to be involved because it’s going to help our oceans and help the efforts that are going towards leading to cleaner marine habitats,” Leyla Benoit, club member said.

The Green Team hoped to collect as much waste as possible while also strengthening the bonds within the community.

“This event is great because it’s bringing us together,” Lian Dussie, club member said. “The school is getting to take part in an initiative that is working towards making our ocean environments a safer place overall.”