Fall Thriller gives students chills this autumn


Students at Bak look forward to the  Fall Thriller every year. But, because of COVID-19, students had to go without the highly-anticipated event for two years in a row.


Fall Thriller was canceled in 2019 and 2020, but last year it was brought back. A series of pushbacks resulted in the event being held in February under the name “The Chiller.”


This year the Fall Thriller was back on track and was held Oct. 22.  Whether they go for the candy or to meet up with friends, there is something fun for everyone. 


“My absolute favorite part of the Thriller was probably the Haunted House,” Izzy Frisby, sixth  grade visual major, said.


The Thriller was put together by eighth grade visual arts students with help and guidance from visual arts teachers. The whole process took over a month, and everyone had a different job.


“I think the hardest part about making the Thriller were all the little things involved in making the whole thing,” Glen Barefoot, visual arts teacher said.


Paul Barker’s class was in charge of the Haunted House, Stephanie Chesler and Ashley Monastra’s classes were in charge of the carnival games, and Emily Steele’s class was in charge of tickets.


“I’m very thankful we didn’t have any accidents this year. Everyone worked really hard and it was great to see it all come together,” Barefoot said.


The Thriller included a DJ, carnival games, a haunted house and food. The Thriller also included a costume contest, which students could enter while they attended. . Some of the categories included best DC costume, best group costume and best duo costume. 


“I think that the costume contest winners deserved to win because their costumes were really good,” Jude Evard, seventh grade dance major, said.


The tickets sold for 30 dollars per person, and in the end, the total ticket sales were about $30,000. All ticket sale profits were donated to the visual department. Although the lines were “very long” and it was “too hot”, students still enjoyed this fun-filled night with their friends.