Referendum funds district-provided services for students


The Palm Beach County School District’s referendum in the November 2022 midterm elections was a choice of whether or not to provide $250,000,000 to district-funded services through tax money.

Services that would receive funding included fine arts programs, school security, behavioral and mental health services, physical education and career education programs.

“The referendum is tied to monies that are allocated for mental health services, so it would impact funding to positions like mine and offering more mental health services to students,” Mia Terrazas, mental health professional, said.

The referendum also benefited teachers and staff.

“The referendum helps the district support the salaries of teachers, mental health professionals, and enables annual bonuses for teachers,” Sally Rozanski, school principal, said.

The referendum won by 74 percent.

“Remember that every voice matters,” Terrazas said. “In situations when you’re able to vote for things that are important, remember your voice counts.”