Performances showcase strings and piano students


Swiftly playing the violin, Anthony Tan eighth grade strings major, focuses on what soothing note to next play. “When I am on stage, I am calm because I am taught to manage my emotions so they do not interfere with my playing,” Tan said. Photo by Marton Papp

The melodious hum of a violin, the endless pages of sheet music, Kovas Roby, eighth grade strings major, anticipates his time on stage.


“I used to feel nervous, but now that I know what I am doing, I feel pride and no fear to perform,” Roby said.


Performances can be a large weight on students’ backs. These performances provide students with different skills. Nancy Beebe, strings director, explains what students can take away from performances.


“Having students perform builds confidence and gives them something to work forward to. This also builds experience, and the finished product is their art,” Beebe  said.


Performances can be worrying and nerve wracking to some students.  eighth grade strings major Anthony Tan explains that  after a performance, this worrying can be diminished.


“It is amazing when you go up on stage to perform and use all the hard work over the past few weeks,” Tan said.


Performances can also be important to people individually. They can help improve students’ skills and allow them to prepare for real-world concerts if the students want to continue pursuing their talents.


“Chamber performances are important,” Beebe said, “ because the students play their own part as a soloist, need to problem solve, have to be great listeners, rehearse on their own without a conductor, and are  responsible for their own performance.”