April Fools’ Day allows students to participate in pranking


April Fools’ Day is often represented as a day of funniness and tricks. Usually, people pull pranks on their friends and family members in return for a worthy reaction. Graphic by Cassie Glomann

April Fools’ Day is often recognized as a day of prank-pulling, and is usually full of laughter and joy; therefore, many students are enthusiastic about this day. 

“I have liked April Fools’ Day for my entire life because my whole family is really big on it. It’s really a ‘who can have the best prank?’ competition for us,” Charlie Bastien, seventh grade communications major said.

People who participate in April Fools’ Day often feel a sense of pleasure after pranking their target, as some say that the reaction is “priceless.”

“I love seeing people’s reactions, especially when they’re freaked out,” Emma Rotem, eighth grade theater major said.

Allotting oneself enough time to plan a prank is crucial to its success. 

“A prank takes time and patience. You can’t just pull it off super fast, you have to think about it before you actually do it,” Rotem said.

Based on the reaction of the victim, the prank may be considered more or less successful.

“For people trying to plan a prank, devious is better,” Bastien said, “The more the people will be angry, the more that the prank has been effective.”