New PTO president brings unique system of leadership


Arlene Gustave and Jennifer White pass out cookies for the Holiday Teachers Luncheon. “The best way to summarize how to lead is by example, so that others see how you how what you’re doing that you’re enthusiastic that you show up, that you’re not only giving orders, but the you’re helping the team, you’re guiding them to a desired outcome,” Gustave said Photo Courtesy of Arlene Gustave

From funding school programs and applications to providing teachers with countless enjoyable and memorable experiences, the Parent Teacher Organization  does it all. This year the PTO welcomed a new president who is willing and wants  to contribute and lead in her own way.


“My way of leading the PTO is by example,” said PTO president Arlene Gustave. A “And just being there, being present, showing up so that the team knows that it’s not just a title, but that I am committed to the organization, to the school, to our students and the staff.” 


Replacing Jennifer White as the president, Arlene Gustave gained the  position through her involvement and her work ethic. Gustave hopes to provide volunteers with the same experience and warm environment she received. 


“I was extremely involved with the PTO and constantly helped with almost any task or event,”  Gustave said.  “Even though I had only been on the PTO for a year, everyone was incredibly welcoming and always there to help, and I hope I can keep that environment for the years to come.”


Gustave hopes to introduce and bring many new and old aspects to the organization. Whether big or small, she hopes they  will have an impact.


“I hope to bring back some of the older activities we used to do, like Starfest, or maybe even care packages,” Gustave said. “Regardless, I still hope to bring about an enjoyable and fun  experience for the students and staff.”


  Gustave has a close bond with her co-workers and is known to be a valuable asset.


“She’s a really great leader because she inspires us to want to be better and do better at our positions,” Elizabeth Bornia, PTO communications head, said.


 Anna Nemes, PTO vice president, said Gustave communicates with the board and often raises issues that may need PTO support. Although it is Gustave’s first year, she has fit right in and is always up to date in everything she does.


“Arlene is an excellent president,” Nemes said.    “She became president after the difficult time during the pandemic when the PTO was unable to hold meetings and provide the usual services to the teachers and students.”  


Gustave is enthusiastic about her job and has her heart in whatever she does, from fundraising for different art areas to hosting teacher luncheons.


“She is the heart and soul of any organization that she is a part of,” Bornia said. “She is always the first to dress up in costumes and come up with creative ways for fundraising. She truly has the best interest of the students, the faculty and the staff.”